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Enhancing Corporate & Public Environments through Custom Wellness, Leadership & Evidence Based Mindfulness Initiatives.

Mind Intelligence - Corporate and public mindfulness training

Mindfulness Redefined

– Revitalise & Sustain Well-Being
– Enhance Work-life Balance
– Increase “Joy at Work”
– Enhance Focus & Effectiveness
– Better Manage Stress & Anxiety
– Better Sleep & Recovery
– Calmer & Happier – more often !

Offering both Corporate programs, training or presentations as well as Public training and 1 on 1 mentoring options if required
Corporate Hybrid Leadership & Workplace Wellbeing Support Scalable Programs

Welcome to Inner Synergy, where mindfulness and wellness converge with corporate and personal excellence to create a healthier, happier, and more successful community.

At Inner Synergy, we recognise that an organisation’s most valuable asset is its people, and we believe that nurturing their well-being is one of the cornerstones of unlocking success both personally and professionally.

We understand challenges that modern demands can pose, often leading to stress, burnout, and an imbalance in work, home and life. That’s why we have comprehensive wellness, mindfulness, and leadership solutions to empower you and your teams.

Whether your aim is to reduce stress, enhance effectiveness, or promote overall well-being, we can offer resources and expertise options.

We can provide corporate or public mindfulness workshops, individual support resources, or for organisational change, our transformational “Vertical Growth” Leadership 16-week programs.

Join us in growing a culture of wellness and mindful balance within your organisation or life. We can empower people to reach their full potential – able to thrive not just coping in stressed, overwhelmed “survival” mode.

Next Level – Live, Experiential Public Courses – running in FEB 2024

( course is suitable for beginners also)

Corporate options available by request

(Things we just aren’t taught to help manage our mind)

NEXT COURSES – Start end of FEB 2024

Promo ticketing & Early Bird discount avail soon !

stay tuned or contact via email to be advised

Intrigued? Let’s make it happen !

Free guided meditations

Webinar provided for an ACT Government
“Healthier Work initiative”
Webinar provided for Mental Health Month ACT public initiative

I can highly recommend Neil Shepherd from Inner Synergy for his Mindfulness Meditation classes.

The effect of practising mindfulness, becoming aware of one’s thoughts and choosing to change them, has definitely kicked in. I am having more and more days where, despite no change to my external circumstances, I find myself calmer and more upbeat.

I had almost two weeks of a major health issue that had me see the emergency department and a doctor several times. My new mindfulness is helping me deal with the shortcomings of an overloaded health system and the resulting frustration. It’s ok not to be ok!

Another positive effect is a shift in my judgement, that seems to come more and more naturally. A friend was telling me about a challenging situation she was dealing with. In the past I might have said that the other person involved was a nutter, loser or the like and now I find myself thinking and saying how their wiring is just different and may not see situations in a similar way. 

Feels much better. And I have not even mentioned the meditation!

Next Level Immersive 5 week Mindfulness Course – 2023

Brigitte (ACT)

“I was experiencing a difficult time in my life recently and I found Neil’s approach to a 5 week guided Mindfulness course to be highly beneficial.  It has helped me to manage my stress and I’ve found the tools I learned in the course are now part of my daily health regime.

I would highly recommend Neil’s next level mindfulness course to anyone who wants to make a positive change in managing their mental health and wellbeing. 

Thank you Neil for an amazing and practical course which will give me lifelong benefits.”

“Advanced – Next Level” Mindfulness Evolution Course – 2023

Chris Harvison

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