Neil Shepherd

Neil is a passionate mindfulness educator and presenter who specialises in helping people develop mindful living skills in an exploding information age. A time when having skills in stress management, resilience, self awareness and self-regulation are paramount for peak performance both professionally and personally.

Neil is a qualified educator for Mindfulness Works, the largest network of mindfulness facilitators in Australia and NZ. He also specialises in providing corporate custom mIndful solutions tailored to meet an organisation’s specific drivers and requirements. Neil has worked with the prestigious ANU university as part of their staff well-being program, delivered performance focused mindfulness training for an elite cross fit gym, and staff training for a health care organisation. Neil also works one on one with people as a Master Facilitator helping people transform belief systems.

Neil comes from a corporate background so he understands corporate challenges, structures and cultures. He has worked in both public and private sectors across a variety of businesses and areas, including information systems, business intelligence, data analytics, systems management, business improvement, presenting and training. He has worked in senior management, held both senior consultant and technical roles across Airservices, ACTEW, Eden Technology and Asset Services.

Neil developed his mindfulness living skills over the past 20 years, growing both knowledge and application through a significant number of training courses, mentoring, lengthy experiential meditation retreats, practices and workshops.

Neil has qualifications in Mindfulness, Coaching, PSYCH-K Master facilitation, Workplace Training, Lean Six Sigma (and numerous other corporate and technical subjects). He also trained with Dr Russ Harris in the mindfulness based Acceptance Commitment Therapy (basic and advanced courses). He is committed to an ongoing program of professional development.