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Neil Shepherd


Neil is an experienced and qualified Mindfulness Educator and Stress Management / Resilience Coach who loves making a difference and helping people thrive, not just survive !

He has trained with Dr. Russ Harris in mindfulness-based ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), and Dr. Joe Dispenza with the neuroscience behind mindfulness and meditation, studied with Google’s Search Inside Yourself program and is a qualified “Peaceful Kids”  and “Peaceful Parents” facilitator.

He has trained many hundreds of individuals and groups and has numerous repeat corporate clients (sample above)

Neil founded Inner Synergy and works with individuals and  groups to help build personal resilience and stress management skills using advanced coherence building techniques with biofeedback technologies as an Internationally Certified HeartMath™ Coach. Emotional reactions are measurable !

Neil comes from a corporate background so understands corporate challenges, structures and cultures. He has worked with both private and public sectors in a variety of technical and senior management roles.

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Neil has been actively practicing his mindfulness skills for over 20 years, making it an integral part of his life. He loves learning and growing and helping people develop skills in our exploding information age.

A time where skills in self-awareness, self-regulation, stress management and resilience are paramount.

Neil also has qualifications and experience in Coaching, Workplace Training, Business Improvement and complex systems and business intelligence within the aviation industry.

Sample Case Study – National Medical Research Council 

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  The Requirement

The mindfulness initiative was driven by HR area for the National Health and Medical Research Council. The organisation wanted to introduce mindfulness skills and experience for staff as part of a well-being program. Neil Shepherd was engaged to design and present a mindful experience. The event was filled straight away so a second event was booked.  The mindfulness experience focused on the framework of :

  • Awareness – how to build the observing mind to “notice” with mindful living practice
  • Understand the mind – how our thoughts, emotions and behaviours effect our reality
  • Acceptance and Resilience – how our attitudes can make situations challenging and stressful
  • Experiential sessions – guided & focused mindfulness experiences

Throughout the presentation anecdotes, engagement and story-telling was used to help staff understand concepts.  Reinforcing messages such as developing self-awareness and skills to “notice” more as a precursor to being able to respond rather than react.

Some mindfulness related video links were sent out to staff prior to the presentation to whet their appetite. Participants were given access to one of our personalised guided mindful meditation links and a one page “tips and hints” sheet.


The presentations were so well received, NHMRC immediately booked a 4-week follow up corporate training course. Training included further details of the mindfulness knowledge framework and extra experiential exercises. Focusing on self-awareness, self-regulation, stress management and building resilience in the work place. The goal was to help staff personally and professionally. Further work was requested in 2019.