Neil Shepherd

Neil is a qualified and passionate corporate mindfulness educator/facilitator/coach. He has also trained with Dr. Russ Harris in mindfulness-based ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and Dr. Joe Dispenza with the neuroscience behind mindfulness and meditation.

He is an experienced mindfulness educator having taught thousands of people and  numerous corporate clients such as; Australian National University, ACT government well-being initiative, National Health and Medical Research Council, Cross fit elite gym, Questacon, CIT Yurauna Centre, Wellways Health, Goodwins Aged Care, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia and Maddocks Law.

Neil founded Inner Synergy and works with individuals and  groups to help build personal resilience and stress management skills using advanced coherence building techniques using biofeedback technologies as an Internationally Certified HeartMath Coach.

Neil - casual Neil comes from a corporate background so understands corporate challenges, structures and cultures. He has worked with both private and public sectors in a variety of technical and senior management roles.

Neil has practiced mindfulness for over 20 years, making it an integral part of his life. He loves learning and growing and helping people develop skills in an exploding information age – a time where skills in self-awareness, self-regulation, stress management and resilience are paramount. Neil also holds qualifications in Coaching, Workplace Training, Business Improvement, Electrical and Complex Systems Management.