Mindfulness experience presentation for approximately 60 staff “Neil Shepherd conducted a session on mindfulness as a part of our staff well-being program which was very well received by staff” Joint College of Sciences The Australian National University    

Australian National University (ANU)

 Grief does many terrible things to you. The loss of your spouse is not just sad, it’s also quite terrifying, because you’ve lost half of you. My experience was a whole gamut of reactions: overwhelming heartbreak, role stress and strain from now having to raise our 2 young children (who were also grieving) alone, feelings … Continue reading Vivienne,  Canberra

Vivienne,  Canberra

All staff attending, thoroughly enjoyed Neil Shepherd’s presentation about mindfulness. As a presentation to support workers in a mental health setting, his emphasis was in the right place; on being kind to ourselves. Neil also explained to us how mindfulness can play an important role in our work with our participants and how it can … Continue reading Wellways – Canberra

Wellways – Canberra