Michelle Hyde, Canberra (ACT)

I have just completed (December 2021) the 4 week mindfulness course with Neil from Inner Synergy. I had tried mindfulness and meditation techniques on my own in the past and had seen some benefit, but doing the course with Neil in person was a thousand times more impactful and useful. I have a variety of significant challenges to face on a day to day basis and have found myself facing a sense of hopelessness and even panic in the past. I am a very strong person and have tried to ‘push through’ and ‘soldier on’, even while understanding that these are not useful – or even possible – long term strategies.  

Doing the course with Neil has encouraged me to look at my limiting self-beliefs and challenge why I do some of the things I do.  It has taught me some really useful coping techniques. It has also taught me that it is actually really simple to make immediate changes for the better. I have felt a real sense of hope and possibility as a result of these four sessions and will most definitely be continuing with the practice and with the study of mindfulness. I actively look forward to my mindfulness practice each day and I see the benefits. Neil is also a very friendly, approachable and professional person and I highly recommend this course.