Jacinta (SYD)

Doing one on one coaching with Neil absolutely changed my life. It was the biggest investment I had ever made into myself.  Over the weeks i learn’t so much about my triggers and behaviours and how my mindset and reaction to certain situations was contributing to my mental health. I am honestly a different person I am aware of my thoughts and as Neil would say just notice what they are without reacting. After the 4 weeks I felt my body settle and I was able to manage my life better. It made me realise that I set the temperament of how I feel. 
Neil is fantastic at facilitating the course. He always spent the time to explain things so that I would understand it. He would also check in every now and then to follow up on my progress.
I received a wealth of information that I decided after the course I wanted to continue the coaching as the benefits were life changing. Highly recommend the sessions.