David (83yo – ACT)

My name is David and I’m 83 years old, and for my birthday my daughter Lauren bought me a 4 week course on Mindfulness. I approached it with an open mind, not having a clue what it meant. I received a full-sized book which helped me to understand a little of what it was about. 

Now my problem is that for years I have been waking up at 3am and my mind has been inventing not-so-nice problems, almost nightmares. I give you 3 examples:

* I am in a swimming pool and can’t find the edge.
* I’m in an old city and can’t find my way out, going round and round, finding I’m back in the same spot all the time.
* I’m driving a car backwards and there are no brakes.

This has happened for years. I also dream up impossible situations during the day and night.
At the end of the first session, that night I did wake up with the start of disturbing thoughts, but had learned that I could think of happier things, and went promptly back to sleep, waking up at my usual time around 6am.

I had done a relaxation course years ago, but what Neil explained was the reason these dreams happened.  And I found a way to get rid of them when they occur.

If you attend this course, and have a problem, Neil will answer, and the class and you will benefit.

That, as it turns out, was probably the best birthday present I have had in years.
Thanks Neil.