“We were lucky enough to have Neil present to us on Mindfulness in the most uncertain of times – during COVID lockdown. It was a very timely session and all participants (myself included) thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from it. I’ve since had many of the participants thanking me for organising it, praising the session and some have told me how they’re already putting into practice some of Neil’s teachings and techniques. Thanks very much for your time Neil – we will definitely look at booking further sessions with you.”

That says it all really – I have had a number of people thanking me for organising it, praising how good it was and especially in current times, so thank you! 

DoD – Joint Strike Force

Erin (ACT) Defence

After completing the ‘Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation’ course I am now inspired to continue this journey towards a quieter mind. The facilitator, Neil Shepherd, is as credible and authentic as you could get, and his stories of a previous stressful life are very relatable. I particularly enjoyed week 2 (thoughts) and week 3 (emotions) and the associated meditations. I thoroughly recommend this course and Neil in particular. – Mark Lawrence    

Mark Lawrence ACT

My name is David and I’m 83 years old, and for my birthday my daughter Lauren bought me a 4 week course on Mindfulness. I approached it with an open mind, not having a clue what it meant. I received a full-sized book which helped me to understand a little of what it was about. 

Now my problem is that for years I have been waking up at 3am and my mind has been inventing not-so-nice problems, almost nightmares. I give you 3 examples:

* I am in a swimming pool and can’t find the edge.
* I’m in an old city and can’t find my way out, going round and round, finding I’m back in the same spot all the time.
* I’m driving a car backwards and there are no brakes.

This has happened for years. I also dream up impossible situations during the day and night.
At the end of the first session, that night I did wake up with the start of disturbing thoughts, but had learned that I could think of happier things, and went promptly back to sleep, waking up at my usual time around 6am.

I had done a relaxation course years ago, but what Neil explained was the reason these dreams happened.  And I found a way to get rid of them when they occur.

If you attend this course, and have a problem, Neil will answer, and the class and you will benefit.

That, as it turns out, was probably the best birthday present I have had in years.
Thanks Neil.

David (83yo – ACT)

Recently, Neil from Inner Synergy worked with us weekly for 4 weeks and he was fantastic. In that short time he has taught us a solid scaffold of mindfulness training that effectively taps into daily life.

Already we are seeing changes in ourselves: We feel calmer, happier and more able to actually enjoy life. It is only the beginning. Neil is very skilled and is able to teach really well. He is also very caring and enthusiastic.

We are also looking forward to doing some more training with him in the future. Highly recommend.

Lisa French (VIC)

‘A big thank you to Neil for running an eight-week pilot program of the Peaceful Kids program at Evatt Primary School. Neil’s professional approach, outstanding interpersonal skills and deep understanding of the brain engaged a group of highly anxious year 4 boys.

All participated in identifying emotions, meditation activities and discussions and all participants reported positive changes at home and school. After the conclusion of the program, these usually withdrawn students approached me several times asking when the program would continue. I highly recommend Neil’s services and look forward to working together in the future.’

Nicole Zimmer

Executive Teacher

ACT Education Directorate

Nicole Zimmer (ACT)

I found the  course well paced, concise and incredibly thought provoking. The course offered strategies that were extremely helpful in everyday life. The meditations offered were linked to the course content. Outstanding value for money. Highly recommended!

Kind Regards, Steve

Steve (ACT)

“A big thank you to Neil for the great “Mindfulness Experience” session you ran for us at the beginning of our school term. What a great way to put the last few months into perspective and begin the new term on a positive note.

Everyone (even the sceptics amongst us) thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the session and many of us have put into practice the skills learned.

We would definitely recommend the experience to others.”

Administration Team

Karabar High School NSW

Karabar High (NSW)

Video Testimonial – Emery (ACT)

Canberra Psychologist

I have recently completed the 4 week Mindfulness Introductory Course with Neil Shepherd and Mindful Works. I decided to do it because I use mindfulness in my work as a psychologist with parents, children and families but wanted to build my own practice.

When Neil asked what were 2 words that described my goals I said “peace and productivity” as I had also been feeling rushed and particularly unproductive recently.

I found each week really informative and enjoyed each of the mindful exercises. I used the sound cloud exercises daily and am still using the Calm app. I managed to practice daily for about 12 minutes or so.

After about 2 weeks I really noticed my mood being much improved – I felt moments of happiness that I hadn’t felt for ages.  I also noticed that even the more difficult tasks that I needed to do were much easier then before. I procrastinated less and found complex tasks much more manageable.

I was so happy to have done the course. I was really pleased that it was done from a secular point of view and was really up to date in terms of neuroscience and brain research.

I now am so much more aware of the benefits of a daily mindfulness practice and can thus support my clients more effectively in this way.

I have noticed more recently that my whole household (including husband and 2 teenagers) are much calmer too – bonus!

Many thanks Neil. I was very impressed with your ability to acknowledge and allow everyone’s experiences without judgement – and encourage them to do so too.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Neil and this course to others.

Jo Vickers  

Jo Vickers – Psychologist (ACT)

The 4 Week public Intro Course – one of the many options provided by Inner Synergy and Mindfulness Works ❣️


Ros Collins – (ACT)