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As a Certified Mindful Leader Partner, Inner Synergy is very excited to introduce Micheal Bunting’s latest book offering called “Vertical Growth”
(How Self-Awareness transforms Leaders and Organisations !)

You can pre-order this book now for an exciting step into your Mindful Leader journey. Please contact us for more information on the scalable Mindful Leader and Workplace Wellness programs available also !

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Booktopia – Vertical Growth
Amazon – Vertical Growth

Vertical Growth Summary

Over the past two decades of leadership development researching, teaching, and writing, we have learned that developing great leaders is not an intellectual or skills

challenge. It is not just about knowing evidence-based leadership techniques and theories. Despite the fact that great leadership practices and techniques are rather obvious, we find no shortage of poor leadership, even in organisations that have invested millions in leadership development.

The primary reason is that most of the focus is on horizontal development, and little to no attention is given to vertical growth.
We define horizontal development as gaining new skills and acquiring more knowledge to bring about a new competency. Vertical growth
is much deeper and involves developing new mindsets, insights, and deliberate growth practices to shift our thinking and behavior in a sustainable way. It is as much about unlearning existing habits as it is about developing new ones.

Vertical growth fundamentally depends on self-awareness as the starting point. Self-awareness is the ability to look within ourselves honestly and to develop a much greater understanding of the unconscious drivers and values behind our thoughts and behaviours.

In terms of leadership development, personal behavioural change, or culture change, research shows that horizontal development is just not enough. Horizontal skills and knowledge compete with fears, limiting beliefs, and other mental models that keep us stuck in habitual patterns and reactive loops. Seeing and changing these loops is the function of vertical development.

Horizontal development is like having a computer operating system, such as Microsoft Windows, and adding apps and programs to it like MSWord, Teams, WhatsApp and other useful programs
to facilitate our work. But vertical growth is about changing the entire operating system to generate more power and manage greater complexity. That then enables a more advanced use of the apps and programs.

by Michael Bunting with Carl Lemieux

Brief Overview of Contents

The Vertical Growth Imperative 

The Mindful Leader Matrix

Why Leaders Struggle with Walking Their Talk

How Values Help Us Grow 

Choosing Your Growth Values 

Committing to Action 

The Role of Mindfulness in Personal Growth 

Overcoming Numbness and Denial

Seeing and Resolving the Shadow

Vertical Growth in Teams and Organisations

Setting and Living Team and Organisational Values

Using the Mindful Leader Matrix Within Teams and Organisations

Creating a Container of Team Psychological Safety

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