The Paradox of Change… brings choice

Hello for Inner Synergy Community. Today I’d like to share how rewarding it is to provide options for people to see “who they are being” vs “who they may want to be”. This doesn’t mean people need to change ! Its the paradox of awareness, ownership, choice and having the option to stop doing things that do not benefit us – Choice.

In my public courses I see similar impacts of stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, rumination, worry, etc – basically out of control minds driven by different reasons. I’ve had course attendees stressed with the overwhelm reaction of study, people that are overwhelmed with work stresses, people overwhelmed with loss, unsettled-ness from lack of sleep, inner peace, belief system challenges etc. The common denominator is the out of control mind with thoughts and the inner critic causing all sorts of problems for them. Feedback / testimonials

Integrated Mindful living© practice does help. Its simple to do, though sometimes tricky to stick to! Why is that I hear you say (congratulations if still reading btw – great focus).  When we get stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, whatever the cause of an unsettled body and mind – we can get caught up in fear and mini fight or flight responses. This doesn’t help us as the amygdala becomes more active then bodily functions that are deemed “not needed for survival” get turned off or reduced. Including our prefrontal cortex – executive function, discernment of real threats etc. Its harder to focus and we are more easily distracted.

Mindful meditation practice helps –

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