Do you default into Can’t ?

My father would say “there’ s no such thing as can’ t … there is “difficult” and “shouldn’t”…  

Suggest not being in too much of a hurry to live in “can’t” – that can be self defeating.

I’ve been told many times that something “can’t be done” both personally and in work situations. Personally, the attitude of questioning “can’t” has worked well for me on many occasion. Obviously common sense has to prevail to know when it’s too difficult or that you shouldn’t.

In my view, the saying is about embracing determination, tenacity, resilience and flowing. This sometimes proved that “difficult at first” situations could actually be achieved (and, sometimes not)

However, I could be happy knowing that I mostly tried to do my best. Like Don Miguel Ruiz’s “Four Agreements” – one of the agreements is “always do your best”

Repetition and brain plasticity can be a wonderful opportunity to experience things differently ?  Interesting YouTube   Tedx Brain Presentation (click) Joe Dispenza


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